About Me

Hi Readers!

Here is a little bit about me...I'm a fifth grader and love being social and interacting with people-For Example: Going to school, malls, vacations, festivals, and classes. 

Here are a few things to know about me: I am an Author, Youtuber, Chess Player, Swimmer, Dancer, Painter, Family Member, etc. By the way, if you are wondering—Yes, I am 10 years old. So first off, I love to dance because it is fun, makes me happy, and this is something that I’m good at. I proudly own my own YouTube channel, named Prisha Hedau. It’s titled after my name. I know, it is a little boring, but it makes a statement. You can see some of my work in the page "YouTube Videos". Please go check out to subscribe and leave a comment.

Hmm, let’s see.... I also like math and science, presenting, confidently speaking, and working with technology. In fact, I made this website myself and it was so cool to make! In addition to that, I am in STLP-Student Technology Leadership Program-at my school, in STLP I learned how to edit video's{I edit my own YouTube vids.}and make cool stuff like documents, slides, and etc. I am planning to make a blog on this website which will point towards tech. Stay tuned!

Below is my family photo with my parents Rachana and Raj. By the way, Feel free to explore more of my website.   



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