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PANDEMIC 2020: A 9 Year Old's Perspective

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Prisha never specifically set out to write a book. What started as daily note-taking on note cards to remember her experience during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, moved to essay writing after encouragement from her parents. Soon the Louisville, KY resident’s thoughts became small chapters that created a book.  Only nine years old when she wrote the book, she is found to be among only a handful of published child authors in the world. 


“I didn’t write this book to make money. While I would like to save a portion to go towards my education one day, I wrote this book to be able to give back to Dare to Care Food Bank and to COVID-related organizations to help people in my community,” said Prisha Hedau. “In 100 years from now, people can read my book and remember what 2020 was like.” 


Prisha shared that not only will readers be able to relate to her thoughts and feelings, but they will also find useful tips for non-traditional learning, finding new hobbies, and instilling healthy habits. PANDEMIC 2020 – A 9 Year Old's Perspective book is an informative, honest, heart-felt, and emotional memoir/handbook that is useful to a wide range of readers. Prisha shares her tips on how to adjust to the Covid-19 pandemic by providing Practical Tips for Online School, Hobbies, and Healthy Habits. This book offers useful advice and tells a fun narrative that helps the reader imagine the life of the almost-ten-year-old girl sitting down to write this story. By using this memoir/guide, all readers can find success and happiness during these most difficult, strange, and trying times. 

The strength in this book is the earnest feelings put forth by the author. Prisha is living the life we are all currently forced to experience right now. As a world society, we are mostly confined to our homes and in some instances, limited time in places of business. Our shopping habits have been affected, as have our decisions to socially gather with family and friends. This book is well-written and organized. She is taking the changes in her life seriously, while still trying to be happy and have fun. She encourages her readers to do that as well. There are times in life that will not always go as planned. This is one of those times - Accept and Embrace. Let the future come our way !


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300+ Media Feature

My mission is to empower kids and teens to get to their full potential. Prisha advocate's a kid’s perspective and featured in 300+ national/international TV News, Magazines, & Podcasts to share her perspective across the world.

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