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Rise Above Your Fears 

My personal swimming journey that taught me not to give up. I have learned a new skill, resiliency, and discipline with the help of my coach and parents.


I would like to share about my swimming journey that started when I was 4 years old. I used to go to our neighborhood pool for playing in the water and splashing all around with my friends. I used to sit on the stairs that led down to the pool or my mom would carry me inside the pool. Two three months later, my parents enrolled me in the beginners group swimming lessons. Soon I realized that I was afraid of the water, barely swimming and walking the rest of the way throughout the lane. Couple of more months passed by but we saw no difference.


My anxiety in the water increased and I didn’t look forward to the swim lessons. Later, we have also tried private swim lessons but that didn’t help me either in gaining confidence in the water. I was ready to quit. My parents researched online and with friends, later enrolled me into the Blairwood Swim School. I started with the private lessons, again. Things were going better and slowly I started to enjoy water and learnt new skills.


One day, we luckily met my coach and we have talked about my situation. 2 months later, Mr. Jim agreed on taking my swim lessons. With-in a week or two, I became very comfortable and settled in the water. He taught me new skills and techniques. I started to enjoy water and have a fun learning experience. One memorable day, he got out of the swimming pool and said “Hey Prisha – You are capable enough that you can swim the whole lane by yourself and I will tell you what to do”, and I did it.  That day I realized how capable I am. 2 months later, he said me that I was ready for the stroke school. Mr. Jim always says that I am gifted and talented for my back strokes. Currently, I reached level 6 and taking stroke school classes.

Four years passed by, I am happy that I have learnt swimming, one for safety and second for the fun. Now in the stroke school, I may not be the best but I am proud of myself and learning like others. I can tell you that I might not choose to be a professional swimmer but it’s a life skill that one should know.


I have learnt not to give up and pushing my limits with the hard work and discipline. My goal for 2019 is to pass level six and be on the swim team. Apart from the swimming, I enjoy dancing, playing guitar and solving math problems. My swim learnings are helping me to do better in the other activities as well. Thanks to my coach, and my parents for patiently working with me and helping me get through my fears. I now look forward to my swimming days  :) - Prisha Jun- 2019

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